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[Kekkai Sensen] King of Despair x Black by Hope-and-Fate
[Kekkai Sensen] King of Despair x Black
Black is probably my favourite part of Kekkai Sensen right now. Gotta love gesu faces.

Did some random sketching practice in pencil and decided to lineart and colour it. 
I don't do lineart very often so it was a bit hard adjusting my colouring style to it. Lineart definitely (for a small piece like this anyway) made the colouring process faster. 

My favourite part are the Chinese characters in the background because my hobby is calligraphy/writing out Chinese randomly over my work.

Original Sketch:…

PS Elements + Intuos4
[VK] stagnation by Hope-and-Fate
[VK] stagnation
Trapped between two worlds - Cross or Kuran? 

Yuuki from Vampire Knight - a 6-year collaboration with myself 

Detail shot of crosses:…

It's been so long, I've complained and cried about everything possible and I am left with nothing to say about this piece except for a ramble that you are welcome to read, but please do not force yourself to.


Why a collaboration with myself?
This took me 6 years - no, not continuously - but after many years of art blocks and procrastination I have finally completed this piece. Possibly a bad decision. After a year of progress I thought, "I can't possibly throw it away now!" And well, the years kept adding up and I kept saying that to myself. Here it is now in its final form. Layers upon layers of brush strokes, accumulated over six years as I grew up and matured. As such, this piece contains a part of me, whether it is in drawing style or in emotion as I stumbled my way through university. Its far from perfect. Some places are relics from the very beginning when I first began to apply the colour to the sketch, others are the result of me finally deciding it was time to put an end to this and then sitting in front of the screen for a week, scratching at my tablet like a madman. 

I really loved Yuuki. The storyline of Vampire Knight itself became convoluted and soon a burden to read. I don't dislike it, but to me it was a burden because life is just so unfair for Yuuki (well, those are the woes of being the main character). At the point I had left it, had tangled itself into a complicated web of truth and lies, of real and falsified identities, as Yuuki again and again lost grasp of where she belongs. To me, there is a bridge in the story where she transfers from the principal world we were first introduced to, into the next where we are to accept her Kuran lineage. To me, who really only got that far in the story, she is forever standing on the midway point of this bridge. Of course, perhaps “bridge” is an incorrect term for there is no turning back to a world that has been destroyed and no longer exists; she can only move forward.


I started with OpenCanvas and a mouse
I ended with Photoshop Elements and an Intuos4

Thank you.


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